meiyo_chan (meiyo_chan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

[SINGAPORE IMPORT] Loki Ragnarok Complete Manga Series

Not long ago I purchased the complete series (5 volumes) of The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok from Singapore. The story does not really interest me, so I was thinking of selling it. The volumes itself are in perfect state: not a scratch can be found. Only on the second volumes are there a few scratches on the backside from trying to remove stickiness caused by stickers (see photo below cut). In height they equal the normal VIZ-publications. They are only somewhat thinner (see photos below). They have additional shiny covers (like original Japanese manga) and contain colour pages inside.

These are the Chuang Yi English translation editions. :)

Is someone perhaps interested in buying these Singaporean Manga? :)

The only slightly damaged part on the back of volume 2:

US$7 per manga, and US$6 for volume 2 because of the scratches. Shipping will depend on where the mangas will be sent.

Paypal is my friend :P

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