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Helloooo everyone~ I decided to sell some of my stuff so I can buy a new guitar, and earn the money I spent on ordering an An Cafe photobook back.

I'm selling manga, magazines that feature An Cafe on the cover, magazine clippings & more. Please check it out~

I only ship within the US and I only accept postal money orders, personal checks, or concealed cash. Prefer concealed cash. 

I ship from and within the US.
All prices in USD.
I am not responsible for lost or damaged items in the mail.
I usually ship on weekdays. I will notify you when I ship the items out, and when I receive payment.
Please let me know when you send payment.
My feedback page is here. (Currently empty.)


Magazines do NOT include posters. Sorry.

Cure December 2006. Good condition, a few dents and a tear on the back because I think someone opened it before I purchased it at Hot Topic, because the plastic was removed.[x]
$12 including shipping & packaging.

Vinyl Syndicate Volume 11. Very good condition, a few dents.
$4 including shipping & packaging.

Pati Pati April 2008. Very good condition, a few dents. [x] [x]
$14 including shipping & packaging. 


Ouran High School Host Club 1, 3, & 8 VOLUME 8 - SOLD. Excellent condition.
$5 each including shipping & packaging.

Yoki Koto Kiku. Very good condition, dent on the back. [x]
$6 each including shipping & packaging.

Pita Ten Official Fanbook Volume 1. Very good condition.
$5 each including shipping & packaging.

Cherry Juice 1, 2, & 3. Volume 3 has a few dents on the back and I think there's a tear on one of the pages, I wasn't aware when I bought it.
$7 each each including shipping & packaging.


Gloomy Bear plushie. Excellent condition. About 4.5 inches tall.
$8 including shipping & packaging.

Stitch plushie. Excellent condition. About 6 inches tall.
$8 including shipping & packaging.

[x] [x] [x] 
Card Captor Sakura Tarot Cards. Good condition, edges of cards are a bit messed up.
$10 including shipping & packaging. (Need a flat rate box or envelope for it. ._.;)

Please leave your e-mail so I can give you my address for payment, and the name to make money orders or checks out to. Thanks! 
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