DragonSpeaker (dragonspeaker) wrote in garagesalejapan,


[I'm sorry if this seems like spamming the community, but I think everyone needs to see this.]

Not long ago I saw a post in this community about greenzap.com, so some of you probably signed up on the site. I've seen posts in a lot of journals, actually, and I signed up too. However, I began to get nervous about the site when I realized that it had somehow acquired my full, real life name when I had not entered it... So that was the first red flag that went up in my mind. Then I started seeing rumors in the same journals that had advertized the site, all saying that it was probably a scam.

So I did a little research and I turned up some disturbing findings. For one thing, different sites keep naming different people as the owner of the site and most of the sites state that it is a scam to get people to give out their personal information. It also appears that the actual owner is well known for promoting internet scams.

Here is one site in particular that offers some information:


I don't blame any of the people that advertized the site, it sounded like a good deal after all. XD But I think anyone that signed up or was thinking about signing up needs to have a look at this. Thank you for your time and please play it safe!

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