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hello. i'm trying to make a better post. PRICES NOW INCLUDE SHIPPING. please take a look. i have:
Hello again. Please read my rules.
1. shipping is now included in the prices
2. i accept only concealed cash (please conceal it well for your own security)
3. i live in United States, so i take USD
4. note: i ship from New Jersey, USA , so estimate on shipping times
5. i am not responsible for lost money/merchandise/ or any damage occurring in the mail (very sorry!!!)


Aadias sportish jacket
size not on tag. i 'd say medium- large
light, mesh-like material so it won't make you sweaty and hot
worn a couple of times but not lately. still in good condition, almost new

Personal Identity green hooded top
long strings on the side to tie in the back
size is small in juniors. may fit a small medium.
never worn but tried on. practically brand new.
pattern has orange, black, off- white shapes


ouran high school host club and fullmoon wo sagashite. they have words that were printed on them in the corner still barely noticeable. they are glossy and feel lamenated, so you may see the reflection of the camera.
brand new condition. no folds/creases
measures: 15" X 21"
i'm going to ship them in a tube that costs $5.00
so one poster to be shipped would be $7.50
both would be $9.00. very good price for quality and condition

Accessories/ Jewlry

Lavender shell braclet
this was a gift but i don't really like jewlry.
it stretches to fit just about any wrist.
measures: 3cm/1 1/4 in thick Unstretched: about 6 1/2 in can stretch for bigger sizes

Golden Pink-Satin-Lined Purse
only used once or twice. condition is very god and definately usable.
it has a long strap (50" - 52") with a buckle on the side to adjust. you may want to make more holes yourself to wear.
bag section: 5 1/4" X 2 1/2" X 7 1/2 "

        front                                                             opened. top of this view can open to hold bills                   back

Blue Star Walled
measures (closed): 4 1/2 " X 3 1/2 "
there is a zipper on the back. good for holding change here.
some fraying on the side but can be used. material is smooth and sleek

Misc/ Other 

Princess- like figure/ small container
lid turns over to the sculpture in the middle picture. it says "Dream to be a Princess". very tiny chip of paint missing on the inside rim. bottom (no photo, sorry) has " made-4-u-by; #5; 2004; (c) claire's; china
makes a great gift for any princess
measures: 2 3/4 " high, 5" reversed lid, 2 1/2 " radius

West Highland White Terrier Figurine
wears a round golden bell at the throat
damage at the tail. it was dropped and half of it broke off :(
1 1/2 in or 5 cm tall
price lowerd to $5.00


glass art cubes and revolving light
the light plugs into an outlet and has an on/off button. lights come out mostly blues and greens. calming effect and makes a good night light. some noise from the lights because it moves around. sounds like a vibrating but very quiet.
cubes measure: 1 3/4" X 1 3/4" X 3"
    they are clear and pics are white, the red is from the background
light measures: 3 1/4" raidus 1 3/4" tall 63" long chord to reach far outlets
costs: $5 each cube, $7 for light. i'd rather have all of these sold together. it would be totaled $15
don't forget shipping costs to be added= $3

Plush pet-free and smoke-free enviorment (but smoke rarely comes in from open window)

Build-A-Bear Koala
10" high

Beanie Baby Lamb
name: Ewe
very old. bought in 1999 or 2000. TY heart tag not on and one on back is faded but can still see the name. bought for $30
off course,it doesn't stand up on it's own. a few smudges and scuffs but still clean enough to cuddle
measures: 5 1/2" tall 7 1/2" nose to tail

                   Rico the raccoon (top view)                                                                        Neopets Miamouse (pink)
                   given to me by a relative                                                                            almost new condition, also a gift
                    round and super cute                                                                                tags still on and clear to be read
                   white loop on top to hang around
                      head to feet: 4 1/2"                                                                                             (counting ears) almost 7"
                   arms width: 5 1/4"                                                                                                 (ear to ear) 6"
                   nose to tail: 7"                                                                                                        nose to back: 3"   
$8.50 each                             

Still more pics and items to be added...


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