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BJD and more for sale!!

I have another BJD up for sale again~! Please check out the post for info on him and on other items~!

The goods (all prices are USD btw!)-

I am his second owner but he will have his original box; his nose has been sanded down a bit, he will come with two different sets of hands (heart hands and Lishe hands) one set of clothing, your choice of either the blonde/orange wig or the orange fur wig. He will come with a faceup done by YukiBombay that has been sprayed with Testors. I also have two sets of eyes you can choose from. His green glass eyes or grey/silver acrylic eyes that I will get a picture of soon.

He will come with this outfit~
Closeup of face:
He has freckles; sorry if it's hard to tell ^^;;
Price: $340+$15 for shipping
If you have any questions let me know! He is a beautiful boy and needs a new home! :3


FMA Doujinshi-
2 Elricest doujins-$20 for both/$10 each
1 Roy/Ed Doujins-$10
Picture: (The pink one is not available)

All three for $25! Free shipping!

Trading Cards:
2 tins worth of cards (probably around 200 cards)
Come in Yu-Gi-Oh and Seto Kaiba Tins. One is dented but still works!
Rare cards, some cards in Japanese!
Both tins with all the cards for $15
Yu-Gi-Oh Tin (Dented one) - $8
Seto Kaiba tin- $10

TONS OF CARDS! Some Rare, some holographic, some in Japanese. All from the original Pokemon card game! Perfect condition! Rare cards include- Holographic Dragonite, Dark Rapidash, Dark Charmelon, Holographic ancient language Mew and more!
All for $35! Will bargain.
Pics of Japanese cards:

Cardcaptors TCG-
Cards from the TCG and Image cards. Perfect condition, never really played with.

Spend $35 or more and get any $10 or $5 set free!

Manga (all manga is in perfect condition unless stated otherwise) :
Tsubasa v.2 $3
Black Cat v. 1 $3
In the End $3
Q-Ko-Chan hardback manga-$5

The book box has slight tear on edge but it is otherwise in perfect condition!
Bleach 2-4 $3 each
Battle Royal 3 and 4 $3 each
Samurai Deeper Kyo 3-8 $3 each
RG Veda 1-6 Korean books $3 each
Faerie's Landing 1-4 $3 each
Psychic Academy 1,2 and 4 $3 each
Peach Girl: Change of Heart 1, 4 and 5 $3 each
Slayers: Legend of Darkness $5
Prince of Tennis 1 and 3 $3 each
Dragon Knights v.6 $3
Clover 1-4 in Korean $3 each
Gals v.3 in Japanese $3


Movies (ALL USED) :
Cardcaptor Sakura DVDs v.2 $8
Ah! My Goddess first 3 volumes on VHS $5 each/$10 for all three

Slayers season 1 VHS box set- $20
Ah! My Goddess! The Movie DVD-$10 *ON HOLD*
Gundam Wing DVD V.9-$5
Super GALS! v.1 DVD with box-$10
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence DVD-$10
DNAngel v.1-3 DVDs! All for $25!
Chobits v.3 and 7 DVD $5 each
FAKE v.1 DVD $10
Final Fantasy X DVD- given to me by a friend; 8 hours long never really watched it. English and Chinese Subs. $5
Sailor Moon Super S: Black Dream Hole VHS-$3 *ON HOLD*
Gundam Wing v.1 VHS-$3
Yu Yu Hakusho The Movie $10
Samurai Deeper Kyo v.1 and 3 $10 each


Video Games:
Xenosaga II-$25-PS2, never played
Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Rings-$20
Lord of The Rings: Two Towers-$20

Or! Both LOTR games for $25!!! OR! All three games for $45!!! Including shipping!

Kaledio Star Poster-$5
Great condition; a must for Kaledio Star fans!

Plushies and toys:
MAR Girl in pink outfit Plushie-$5
Zatch Bell Key Chain (Brand new, never used)-$2
Tenchi Muyo Ayeka jointed Doll- She has been taken out of the box but will still come with box. Is in perfect condition, only played with a few times. A must for Tenchi Muyo fans!! $20
Kenshin Kaoru Figurine w/out box-$10 Perfect condition! Just no box!
Bloodied Gohan Figurine w/out box-$15 RARE and Perfect condition!

Buy the Ayeka doll and get the Kaoru figurine free or any $3 manga of your choice! And! Spend $35 and get either the Mar plush or any $3 manga of your choice!

More BJD Stuff:
MSD Scale Black and White Guitar-$10


MSD Wickedwigs Orange fur wig-$10
Picture on doll-

18mm Grey Acrylic eyes-$10

My feedback:

I am currently NOT looking for trades! I'm trying to get rid of stuff not add more! I will put things on hold but only for a max of 2 weeks unless I've discussed with you otherwise. If I do not hear from you after those two weeks then the item goes back up for sale!

Shipping is not included in the prices! Manga, DVDs and things of those size and nature will be shipped priority for $4.75. Everything else depends on your location and how much is purchased. Everything gets shipped off on Fridays unless I state otherwise!

Have questions? Ask!  If you want more pictures, let me know!
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