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Hi, I've got some things you might be interested in!

Items are located in CA, USA and are used but in good condition. I would prefer to ship within the US but international is fine too (be aware that shipping will be more expensive) Shipping is based on weight and where you live.

Paypal only, please! (Credit card or bank transfer is fine. NO FEES!)

My contact info:
-Email: at

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All prices are negotiable!

Jpop/Jrock and Anime CDs
All are official Japan versions unless otherwise noted

Escaflowne Movie OST: $12

Every Little Thing - Time to Destination, Many Pieces: $12 each, $20 for both

Glay - Beautiful Dreamer/Street Life: $7

Glay - Toki no Shizuku: $7
Buy both Glay singles for $10!

Koda Kumi - Best ~second session~ (CD only): $12

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Clicked Singles Best 13 (US version): $10

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Killing Me: $7

Namie Amuro - Style $10


Plastic Tree Single Collection: $12

Utada Hikaru - Final Distance: $7

Vampire Princess Miyu TV OST: $12

Chobits manga vol. 1-8: $5 each, $32 for the set
Chobits 2003 Calendar: $15 (if you want pictures, feel free to ask, my camera's battery died before I could take any) This is the spiral-bound type calendar on thick paper, it has pictures done in the manga style.

Marmalade Boy Vol. 1: $5.00

Clockwise from top left:
Oh My Goddess! - 1-555-GODDESS: $5.00
Cover is slightly worn
Oh My Goddess! - Love Potion No. 9: $5.00
Cover is slightly worn
Oh My Goddess! - Terrible Master Urd: $4.00 SOLD
Oh My Goddess! - Sympathy for the Devil: $4.00

Clockwise from top left:
Oh My Goddess! - Mara Strikes Back!: $4.00
Oh My Goddess! - The Queen of Vengeance: $4.00 SOLD
Oh My Goddess! - The Fourth Goddess: $4.00
Oh My Goddess! - The Devil in Miss Urd: $4.00

Ranma 1/2 Volume 3: $4.00
Ranma 1/2 Volume 5: $4.00
Rumiko Takahashi's Rumic Theater: $4.00

Samurai in Outer Space: Understanding Japanese Animation - $7.00
Scholarly analysis of anime including common motifs, historical background, and more
Star Wars: A New Hope Manga #4 - $4.00
You're Under Arrest! The Wild Ones - $7.00 SOLD

Manga Design by Masanao Amano: $30.00
Includes profiles and sample manga pages from over 100 manga artists. Also comes with a bonus DVD with interviews with manga artists, 900 manga covers, and a tour of a Tokyo manga shop.

Free Image Hosting at
Happy Bunny Kitty Pony: $12.00 SOLD
Retro-style drawings of adorable animals like duckies, horsies, puppies, and more!
Full Vinyl - The subversive art of designer toys: $20.00
Profiles and pictures of a variety of artists such as Mori Chack (Gloomy Bear), Mizuno Junko, and Simone Legno (Tokidoki)

Not pictured: Fruits Basket manga volume 1-15, $5 each, $60 for the set

Strawberry Cake Bracelet by tealeaf_sales: $15

Stickers, Postcards, Etc.
Ah! My Goddess 2-Sided Pencilboard: $7
The other side
Set of Chobits Postcards: $12

Gothic and Lolita by Masayuki Yoshinaga and Katsuhiko Ishikawa: $15
Example pics:

Kera September 2005: $6
Kera March 2006: $6
Kera May 2006: $6
Kera July 2006: $6
Kera August 2006: $6
Zipper August 2006: $5
MusiQ? vol. 3 - Miyavi cover: $8
CD Data October 2006- Koda Kumi cover: $6
Pati-Pati - Vol. 232 April 2004 - The Gospellers cover: $8
CUTiE March 2006: $6
CUTiE June 2006: $6
CUTiE July 2006: $6
CUTiE October 2003: $6
CUTiE December 2003: $6

Anime DVDs
Ah! My Goddess the Movie: $8
Includes a two-sided pencil board:
One side
The other side
His and Her Circumstances box containing vol. 1 and 2: $12
Pictures of the box: 1 2 3

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