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Spring / Summer Clearance Update

So here I am again. Selling Commissions and Selling Direct Sell Anime and Manga Collectables. ^_^ The list is updated. I can lower some of the prices on the items. But some I will stand firm on. Though if you feel like offering more *lol* I won't argue with that!


Art Commissions for Sale

Prices and Art Media Note that prices will go higher due to varriables.

@>{--- Pencil - Cheapest of the cheap work. Flat commission fee of $5.00.

@>{--- Ink - Second lowest the flat fee is $6.00.

@>{--- Colored Pencil - Bit of color I use prizma colored pencils and those puppies aren't cheep it's $8.00 flat fee.

@>{--- Marker - I'm not THAT good with markers yet but if you wanna risk it that's okay, it'll be $10.00 for it due to the fact that the markers are expensive and I get sick off them.

@>{--- CG - The flat rate for this is $15.00 only because of the time I have to spend doing this and to cover the cost of printing it out.


The Variables

@>{--- $2.00 for more then one character per page.

@>{--- $1.00 extra for complicated backgrounds, such as full city scapes or land scapes.

@>{--- $3.00 for each copy if you want more then 1 copy of the image.


What I can and cannot do

People (You can request certian characters or original characters if you want but I need many references and detail on what you want)

Animals (limited, but can try if given good photo references )

Weapons (limited I'm not very good with guns so swords and other non mechanical weapons are good)

Nudity (Non-graphic - which means you will not get a really visual looking private areas :P )

Hentai & Yaoi (depends on what you want. Nothing overly perverted. I do Art not Porn)

I hope that gives you a clearer idea of what Can and Willing to do. Most definate nono's are Mecha. I cannot do robots I'm sorry but No Robo's.If you wish to see examples of my work please look at my site @

Direct Sell Items

Sailor Moon Items

Sailor Moon Marbles - $6.00 *note* Box is slightly banged up from being in storage.

Sailor Moon Stars Playing Cards - $5.00 *note* All cards are there.

Sailor Moon - English - Meet the Sailors and Friends and Foes Books - $15.00(Both) $6.00(Each) *note* This sale is for two books for the price of one.

Sailor Moon Action 6 inch dolls - $23.98(Both) $11.99(Each) *note* This is a sale for my job. It's two dolls, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon. Each dolls are in great condition and not faded at all.

Sailor Moon Grab Bag #1,2,3,4 - $10.00 (each) *note* What you see in the image is what you get.
1 -
2 -

Sailor Neptune Doll - $16.00 *note* Same situation as the last doll

Sailor Moon R/S Sticker book - $3.00 *note* Nice book. No stickers included. Sorry. I think it's in spanish but I never really looked inside.

ON HOLDSailor Moon Manga - $3.00 per book - $50.00 for all 18 vol. All original released Sailor Moon Manga from the original Japanese. Some books are slightly more damaged then the others but no pages are ripped and the mini posters are intact. Beautiful Artwork all around. The price of shipping will most likely cost more since the books will weight alot, sorry. (For photo's of the books please ask and I will email them to you)

Sailor Moon Mixx Manga - $3.00 per book or $15.00 for all 5. The books cover all of the Sailor Moon SuperS and the first Volume of Sailor StarS. Mixx Books 1 of both SuperS and StarS Sold. Books 2,3,4

Pokemon Items

Let's Find Pokemon! (childs book) - $6.00 *note* it's the where's waldo of the pokemon world. Barely read in good condition.

Pokemon 2 Movie Book - $9.00 *note* Kept in good condition only read a few times. The story is about I believe the second Movie which features Lugia

Ranma 1/2 Items

Ranma 1/2 Playing Cards - $5.00 *note* Just as the title says.

Card Captor Sakura Items

CCS TV Artbook - $14.00 *note* The book is in good condition only read a few times. The price is actually half of what it's really worth.

CCS Movie 2 Artbook - $15.00 *note* Kept in the same condition as most of the other books for sale.

CCS Bi-Lingual Manga (english and japanese) - Books 1 thru 6 - $2.50 each book. $25.00 for all 6. (No photes if you want to see then please email me directly.)

CCS DVD #1 - Only in Japanese with English Subtitles, it's the official pioneer release. Sale Pending

Misc-Anime Items

Ceres: Celestial Legend - English/Japanese with English Subtitles. These are the official DVD's. All 8 DVD's for $56.00. Or Individual DVD's for $8.00 a piece.

Final Fantasy Items

Final Fantasy X Battle Ultimania - $20.00 *note* Since the book is heavier then most of the other items I need to charge $6.00 for all US shipping and handling. Book has been read a few times and is in good condition with a few dings around the edges from storage.

Final Fantasy 8 "Wish You Where Here" - $17.00 *note* Read only a few times very little dinging on the edges from storage.

Final Fantasy 7 Three Sticker Sheets - $4.00 *note* a little bent up around the edges from storage but has never been exposed to light long and kept in a dry location. All have never been taken out of the plastics.

Non-Anime Related Items

X-mas Ornament - $5.00 *note* Part of the 12 days of x-mas

7 Bead Bracelets - $8.00(all 7) $1.50(each) *note* Anyone else remember that craze?

6 Child bracelets - $7.00(All) $.75(each) *note* Something I had for a while. will be packed into a nice box upon shipping.

Heroes: Memorial Magazine for the Fire Fighters and Policemen from 9/11 - $5.00 *note* I've done my morning on this already and I felt these books helped me cope with what happened. Banged up some from storage. Will be pressed flat and board and bagged.

Moment of Silence - $4.00 *note* Another 9/11 tribute book. Again this helped me cope with the events of 9/11 even though I didn't loose anyone in the attacks. I feel that it would be best to pass it along to someone who might feel they need it.



Shipping & Handling

@>{--- US - $5.00. I will send all packages with priority mail so it would reach your house in 2-3 days.

@>{--- International - $8.00 ~ $10.00. I will send it priority mail over seas yadda yadda. 3-4 day shipping is more for outside the US so you get charged more, and it also depends on the items weight. I try to ship out all items by priority Mail.

Payment Info
I accept a few different ways of payment. If your buying a commission from me I kindly request that you pay half upfront and the other half will be required upon completion of the image. Starting from the Safest to the least safe of ways.
PayPal - For that my name is Sending it there garentee's that you've payed for the item.
Postal Money Order - I will ONLY accept MO's that come from the post office. No personal checks because they take too long to clear and they can be also bounced and I'm not paying for a bounced check I'm already scraping for cash as is.
Consealed Cash - That will be at your own risk. USD of course. I leave it to you on how to handle shipping that. I least likely recommend this only because if it get's lost or stolen in the mail then we both loose out on this sale.

That's all for the moment. Will post more items when I can. O_o I'm also trying to help my boss clear out some store invitory so if the price is high please understand.

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Sorry about that! I fixed.
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