Tape Dispenser (kiaki) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Tape Dispenser

JRock Items Wanted

Hello world~.

I just moved into a new apartment and am absolutely insistent upon creating no white space in my room, this includes the roof. I'm looking specifically for posters, flyers, towels, photocards, even stickers - anything with pictures or pin-able items of general fandom really. XD; There's a lot of bands I'm interested in [including a hell of a lot of super-indies barely known outside of Japan,] so likelihood is I'll probably be interested. :3

You can email me [hiroshi.is.love[@]hotmail.com] or comment to this entry if you have anything you'd be looking to sell~! Special preference goes to anything by hide, the Piass, Panic*CH, Suicide Ali, & Lycee. [All for sentimental reasons. :3 Well, and because they rock. Especially Lycee.]

Also; I'm Canadian! :D Happy Canada Day on the 1st~ [And to all you Americans, happy 4th of July!!]
Thanks in advance. :3
Tags: music: jrock

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