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A little warning

Hey you all! I finally got around to doing this!

If you do a lot of international postal shopping, national kinda applies too, you should read this~ :3

Be aware that regular mail isn't always guaranteed~! That is, mail that does not have a delivery confirmation of some sort.

Especially international mail!

I recently (kind of recently, haha) had a transaction over garagesalejapan with a very friendly trader~ I won't name her name, just cause I know people will misread this and associate the bad luck with the seller or something~ It wasn't her at all, she was great to work with :D

We all love the cheapest form of delivery possible, however it is possible to get -mail theft- because of the lack of protection and guarantee! And then recieve your package empty with these stamps on it:

After further investigation, I found that this happens most often with International mail, only because of the Customs Declaration sticker that we all fill out on those~ The value of the item right there, left to the handlers for the picking~ But it can happen to local mail too as I found out.

While it's usually just handler theft, there are apparently times when the package isn't secured enough and it falls apart, too.

In any case, this is the drawback to that cheap mailing option :3 If you have confirmation or insurance, then you can at least get your money refunded (plus, confirmation is also a precaution against theft).

Just wanted to point this out so everyone is aware~ ^^ Bye now!
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