Just a test. (onegai_sensei) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Just a test.

Selling cheap

Hi Id just like to get rid of the following manga. I am asking 5-6. Shipping is fixed at media mail for US. I will not lower or haggle on price however I am willing to trade... if you have what I want so just show me your list to trade when commenting)

Paradise Kiss 1-5 ($30 set or $6 each)
Mars 7-8 $6 each
Chobits 1-8 (1-4 $5 eac 5-8 $6 these are in very mint)
Bride of Deimos 1-7 $6 each
Couple 1-3 $6 (brand new never read!!)
Call me Princess $6 (also new never read)
Doubt!! $5
Whistle! $5
Only the Ring Finger knows $8

dvds r1
Saiyuki boxset vols 1-6 (I would like to have a bid for these here rather than post on ebay, if I get no bid for them as a box I will sell as individuals). ^_^
Witch Hunter Robin 1-4 ($10 ea)
Peace Maker Kurogane vol 1- $10 (w/box$15)

Any questions please email: sensei_x1999@yahoo.com
I accept paypal (non credit card otherwise there is a small fee) (same as my email address), cash, money order...
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