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25 June 2008 @ 09:23 am

*** So for some reason, I've been having some people who don't follow through with me to complete sales (they don't confirm anything and leave me hanging). I don't like it much. >:( Because of this, I am contemplating closing up shop. I don't have much time anymore, and annoying things like that just...irk me.

*** However, in order to clear out (and I mean CLEAR OUT) everything @ kitsunegarisale is make a reasonable offer. Yes, that's right...EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER. This of course includes all categories, all items, EVERYTHING from the following: Asian fashion, doujinshi, DVDs/CDs, manga/magazines, binsen, yaoi goods, etc.

*** I am hoping to clear this stuff out. I am hoping you'll all want a flat rate box stuffed with goodies. ;) Please help me out.

*** If you don't want to leave your offer in a comment, feel free to message me, but leave your email just in case I can't answer everything in an LJ message ^^

*** Also, I want to thank all my faithful customers who have followed through with transactions in the past. You make having a sales journal so wonderful. And p.s- I know who you fabulous people are. ;D Small surprises/tokens of appreciation may exist for you lovelies. xD ♥