Tarquin Superbus (dracunculusmed) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Tarquin Superbus

Re: Jrock CDs/DVDs/Photobooks looking for a better home...

Well...I decided to part with more of my jrock stuff, so please follow the fake cut for photos and sales details :3

artists include: 12012, 7seven, 73shiki, AcQuA EP, AGE/AGE-OF-EP, ASS'n'ARRow, attic (jun solo works) bang-doll, beaU, bee-315, billy, bloodly-clown & houkago kurabu, CELLT, chariots, clutch, D, ElDorado, glasier, gyackmen, heidi., himitsu kessha codomo A, hirakawachi 1-chome, irodori, jully, kaya, kisaki project, kozi, Lamiel, LM.C, luvie, metronome, n'dooL, Phantasmagoria, Pierrot, RedCarpet, sadie, scar., shinkou shuukyou gakudan NoGoD, siva, smile, VA, vidoll, viored, and yoshinori sugimoto
Tags: music: jrock
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