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Big Manga sale!

I accept paypal or concealed cash but I will not be responsible for any damage or loss during the shipping process. I will not ship internationally only US or Canda but extra fee. If you purchase a whole set of mangas I'll make a discount for you.  Some of my mangas have a 1/2 discoloration on the side. Its from the sun shining on the my bookcase that use to be in front of my window. If you are a picky about this this is not the place for you. Please ask me any questions below and I will try to answer them. Do not ask me what the storyline is about or how many episodes. Look it up @ wikipedia. 

Or make a best offer! I am located in Los Angeles Area in Southern california
Prince of Tennis Vol. 1-8 Whole set: $25 w/ shipping.Note: Vol. 2 the back of the manga has a black non sticky substance from the sticker i tried to remove when i first bought it.
Vol.3 has a fold @ the left hand corner and bottom right hand corner
Whole set

Rurouni Kenshin vol. 1-3 whole set: $15 w/ shipping

Full House vol. 1-2 whole set: $10 with shipping

DN ANGEL vol. 2-4 whole set $15 w/ shipping

Gravitation vol.1-3 whole set $10 w/ shipping NOTE: all three has a slight discoloration

FULL MOON vol.1 $5 w/ shipping Chobits vol.2 $5 w/ shipping
Planet ladder vol.1 $5 w/ shipping Soul to Seoul vol.1 $5 w/shipping
Discoloration for chobits: 
Discoloration for planet ladder:

Kare Kano vol. 1-3 whole set: $10 w/ shipping

DEATH NOTE vol. 2-3 whole set: $10 w/ shipping

Naruto vol.1-2 whole set: $10 w/ shipping

Rurouni Kenshin keychain plushies whole set $10 w/ shipping


Ultra Maniac #1-2 whole set: $25 w/ shipping
Rurouni Kenshin season 1 box set $30 w/ shipping

LOVE HINA x-mas edition $10 w/ shipping

Please leave the following when you are commenting:

 Which manga or dvd you are interested:
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