boom boom (orkhid) wrote in garagesalejapan,
boom boom

D'espairsRay New Release

Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew of a
site or group..or just anyone who is located in Japan and
can help me get the new D'espairsRay [Coll:set] 1st Press Edition.
More information here: Despa Album(sweetchild)
I had my japanese friends translate it for me, and they
said I needed a MAIL ORDER from a japanese post office and then mail it in
with the money.(with japanese address)
I would really like to get this 1st Press Edition!
(I know many others do...haha..XD;)
Is there anyone who can buy it and ship it to me in the USA?
I would pay for everything...and even extra! XD;;

I will be visiting Japan(few hours/days) and Korea(2 weeks) and
if anyone is looking for anything international, I won't mind atleast
LOOKING for it! I can't garuntee anything though!

Please email me at: daichuu[REMOVE]
if you need to give me a private message. (for whatever reason....XD;)
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