*~J-chan (crystal_star_ss) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Clearing out!

I'm leaving for college in September and want everything out of my room that I can't take with me *sigh* (Plus the fact that I'm broke x_x)


Anime, manga, yaoi, shonen-ai, English, Japanese, cosplay, gothic lolita, J-rock...I've got everything there. More to come in the next few days as I catalogue and take pictures.

I will swap for GodChild, Kaori Yuki, or Higuri You items provided you have decent feedback.

       Pet the dragons (and eggs) and come have a look at the sales! Don't like a price? Name one!

Tags: anime, collectibles, doujinshi, fashion: cosplay, fashion: egl, fashion: general, fliers, magazines, manga: english, manga: japanese, music: jrock, posters, toys

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