Shelly (yoshinya) wrote in garagesalejapan,

More stuff that needs a home! *SALE* update

Hey everyone! I have a few things that need a good home. I'm officially moving this time and unfortunately some of these things can't come with. Please help!

Items for sale can be found

All prices are negotiable!

X Vol.1 & 2 in collector sleeves - $30 for set of 2

title or description

title or description

BLOOD Magazines/Interviews w. cd sample - $12 for both

title or description

BLOOD Shadowbox (Can be sold in individual pieces) - $25 for everything

Contains the following *guitar pic and bass pic of Kaede and Kiwamu, two photos and signed brassard by Fu~ki, Kaede and Kiwamu plus previous support members Yuu of Suicide Ali and Noa*

title or description

Wallet Chain and three bracelets - $20 -Wallet Chain sold- Bracelets $5 each

title or description
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