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29 June 2008 @ 05:58 pm
Lolita bloomers, Astroboy tee, star print hoodie, OTK socks, bunny necklace  
Paypal only, no trades, shipping is extra (up to £2.50 for tees, for example, but please request specific prices based on location). Click the cut for more details and pictures!

UT at Uniqlo XS Astroboy tee, perfect condition (worn & washed once), 31-34" bust. £6.00 plus shipping.

White lolita bloomers/drawers
♥ - 17.5" long
♥ - 23"-32" waist
♥ - Hips are basically freesize
♥ - Lace is cotton
♥ - £12.00 shipped anywhere

Star print cropped hoodie. 34" bust, waist length, worn once, and so in perfect condition. £5.00 plus shipping.

Brand new black OTK socks, bunny frame necklace, each £3.50 shipped within the UK.