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here i what i have to offer today:

"blood- the last vampire" - "Young Saya(Voiced by Yôki Kudô)Is part of a group that hunts Vampires.Another hunter David(Voiced by Joe Romersa) and his partner Louis(Stuart Robinson) asign her under cover to an American air base in Yokota predenting to be a student there.Soon She discovers the vampires there,And teams up with Nurse Makiho Caroline Amano(Voiced Saemi Nakamura) to destory them..." (write up by Marks_s_2004)

"s-rcy-ed: the lost ground" [first 5 episodes] includes collectors card - "22 years ago, a bizarre uprising occurred in Japan's Yokohama region, destroying civilization, killing many, and causing the area to break off from Japan's mainland. This region came to be known as the "Lost Ground". Over the years, some of the citizens managed to erect a new city in a corner of the Lost Ground and surrounded it with a barrier to protect it from the impoverished inhabitants of the island's surrounding wasteland. However, another phenomenon began to show up in the Lost Ground: Alter, the ability to rearrange matter at the atomic level in certain ways. "Inners" who were born with Alter powers became known as Alter Users, and Alter Users who lived outside the city and misused their powers were branded "Natives". The police force known as HOLD was constructed to control Native Alter Users. A division of it called HOLY was later created and made up almost entirely of law-abiding Alter Users. Now, however, HOLD and HOLY's control over the Lost Ground has become increasingly oppressive to the point that it has started to enslave the wasteland's people. Enter Kazuma, a reckless and hotheaded Native who lives with a little girl named Kanami. Kazuma barely manages to survive off working on a farm and doing tasks for his friend Kimishima. Soon, however, Kazuma becomes caught in the conflict with HOLY and forms a fierce rivalry with Ryuhou, one of its highest officers. What is the true intent of HOLY and its leader, Martin Zigmar?" (write up by Axemblue)

anime is 20 dollars each plus 3 dollars for shipping.

video games:
"fable" for xbox - the first of the new generation of rpg, where your actions not only deterime the story, but how people interacted with you, and even your physical look. be a noble knight, a peace keeping magic user, an evil wizard, a cold hearted killer, its up to you. customize your character through many choices of outfits, hair sytles, weapons, and even tattoos.
20 dollars plus 3 for shipping.

GBA SP (blue), w/charger, pokemon ruby, gameboy to gameboy transfer cable, gameboy to gamecube cable, and travel case -
pokemon ruby has rare pokemon from trades including exclusive pokemon only found in saphire, jirachi (from promotional downloads), and sneasel(from pokemon colliseum[sp?]) which you might want to save. (transfer to another gba, and then trade for them back when you restarted the game)
everything in great working condition. 80 dollars, plus 5 for shipping.

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