programizedh (programizedh) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Looking to trade

I will send this U.S. Priority Mail. It is in excellent condition, looks practically brand new. and I am getting rid of it because I just won a bid for a 3rd generation silver one on ebay. So, I no longer have use for this one. I thought hey why not trade? I would like to trade for things in a 50-70 dollar value they can be many small things, a few big things or something big of equal value. I have a hot pink 4GB 2nd Generation Ipod Nano. Excellent condition with long battery life.

Im looking for Hideto Matsumoto Items, such as things from Lemoned, or plushes.
San X anything that is a seal..
Gothic Jewelry but nothing girly as I am a tom boy.
Unique Clothing in sizes XL I like my clothes loose I like punk, or neon colored clothing, nothing girly.. unisex please.
I also like Korean DVDs. such as movies and Dramas.
I also like Miyazaki items.

So, show me what you have my top priority are hide items so.. let me know!!
We can discuss how we will go about trading. Also email me at for pics of the ipod :)

thanks!! I'll also send you a written contract that the ipod works when it is recieved..
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