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Selling a Few Items

I have some games, movies, books, and a CD that I'm looking to sell. I need the money and I'm tired of looking at this stuff just sitting around.

I accept PayPal ONLY.
The prices DO NOT include the shipping costs.
ALL games, movies, and CD are guranteed to work like new.
ALL items are used unless stated otherwise.

Items written in blue = PENDING
Items written in purple = ON HOLD
Items crossed out = SOLD

Pups: The Official Nintendogs Companion book *Perfect Condition*  -  $13
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for PS1 *missing original case; will come in case shown*  -  $3
Teen Titans for PS2  -  $7

Armitage: Dual-Matrix (Special Edition) *UNOPENED*  -  $20
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children *this version doesn't include Last Order*  -  $10

Remains of the Day  -  $6
The Silmarillion  -  $8
Mark of the Succubus Vol. 1 *Brand New; Never Opened*  -  $9
Daughters of the Moon Vol. 1: Goddess of the Night  -  $5
Cliff Notes: Lord Jim  -  $0.50
Cliff Notes: For Whom the Bell Tolls  -  $0.50

Aaron Carter: Aaron's Party (Come Get It)  -  $2 

Thanks for looking!

Please leave feedback here: http://phoenixtsukino.livejournal.com/29068.html  

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