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Hello everyone! Here's some basic information...

Stuff: Ah! My Goddess, A.I. Love You, Animal Crossing, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Do As Infinity, Full Metal Alchemist, Harry Potter, InuYasha, Kingdom Hearts, Ouran High School Host Club, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Scrapped Princess, Trinity Blood, Tsubasa, YuYuHakusho

Payment: I will accept concealed cash as well as Pay-Pal, I'm also willing to negotiate prices to a reasonable extent.
Shipping: I don't have a standard rate so please give me your zip code so I can get a quote.

Thank you for looking! :3
(Pictures aren't the best, I had to use my web-cam. Sorry >o<)

[Left] Cowboy Bebop; 2nd Session (Episodes #6-10)
[Right] Ah! My Goddess; Adventure of the Mini Goddesses
The Urd Files (Episodes #25-36)

Both are in close to new condition with minimum wear. $12.00 Each ((( BOTH ON HOLD )))

[Left] A.I. Love You (Volume 1)
[Middle] Death Note (Volume 6)
[Right] Scrapped Princess (Volume 1)

All three are in new condition and have only been read once a piece. $8.00 Each

[Left] Trinity Blood (Volume 1)
((( ON HOLD )))
[Middle] Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Volume 1)
[Right] Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Volume 2)

All three are in new condition and have only been read once a piece. $8.00 Each ($15.00 for both Tsubasa together.)

[Center] InuYasha English Artbook 
((( BOTH ON HOLD )))

Condition is not so great on this one, it's been well loved. $8.00

[Left] Sailor Moon; The Full Moon Collection (An American Produced CD)
[Right] Do As Infinity; Gates of Heaven (Imported)

The Sailor Moon CD's condition isn't the greatest but it still plays very well. $9.00
The Do As Infinity CD is in great condition, it's only been played once or twice. $11.00

Video Games
[Center] Animal Crossing; Wild World for the DS
((( ON HOLD )))

I some how ended up with two of these, this has been played put for a very short amount of time; very much a new product.


[Center] InuYasha wallscroll featuring Sesshomaru, Rin and Jaken

Very good condition, the colors are a lot brighter in person. $16.00

[Center] Kenshin wallscroll featuring Kenshin and Kaoru

Just like the InuYasha one this is in very good condition and the colors are a lot brighter in person. $16.00

[Center] Harry Potter wallscroll featuring the emblems of the four houses.

Fantastic condition, this was originally from Hot Topic.

Figures, Keychains, Stationary, Jewelry

[Left] Kingdom Hearts Friendship Ring, never worn and in box. It's basically the Mickey emblem on the front split in half and set on two rings. I really like it but it's just sitting on my shelf.
[Right] Lust Figure from Full Metal Alchemist, no box. Another duplicate I found myself owning.

Kingdom Hearts Ring in new condition, very rare. $25.00
Lust Figure with out box. $8.00

[Left] Kurama from YuYuHakusho
[Center] Kaoru from Kenshin
[Right] Hiei from YuYuHakusho

All in like-new condition. $5.00 a piece. (I'll sell Hiei and Kurama together for $8.00 because I wouldn't want to see them seperated. xD)

[Center] Front back and first page of an Ouran High School Host Club notebook.
((( ON HOLD )))

In new condition and still in package(which is why the first two pics have such a glare). $10.00

[Center] A Kikyo cosplay commissioned a few years ago from CosplayMagic.com but never worn.

The hakama is not real, it's got an elastic waist band so there's the warning in advance, you can't tell when wearing it though. My first attempt at a cosplay group with some friends that ended up falling through so I never wore it.

Waist: 30in. at it's smallest 44 when stretched.

I'm asking $50.00 for it which is below half of what I paid for it, yup, I was over-charged for sure. I'm willing to negotiate if needed though.
Tags: anime, collectibles, fashion: cosplay, music: jpop, music: other, video games

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