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Hello all. I'm still selling but now this time I need the money to buy my mom a birthday present (I'm broke  ;_;) $2 manga,  Book on Tokyo, Japanese Fashion Shirt, and a video game. I also have some handmade lolita style jewelery which I made and am gonna see if I can sell it  I am willing to trade (unless it says otherwise on the item) but I'd rather have the money. Free shipping in the US. Please click the cut to find out more. Please help me.

Manga (Only 2 books left ^^;;)

Hana-Kimi vol. 3 $2
Battle Royal vol. 1 $2

Other Book:

Introducing Tokyo
By: Donald Richie $10 (hard cover)

Fashion Items:

Japanese Brand off-the-shoulder shirt still has tags! $20 (will accept partial trade)
Selling this because I'm the idiot who didn't realize the size was in cm not in So I am putting both) Also it can stretch
Bust: approx.19 in max 48cm
Waist:approx 18in max 46cm
Hips: approx 18 in max 46 cm
Estimated Size full: S 8-10
It comes from a smoke-free home but I do have 3 cats and 2 dogs so if you're allergic to cat hair or dog hair please let me know and I can try to wash it to help.

Lolita style jewelery:

Tiny Crown: $3

Victorian Drop necklace $5

Mismatched Key and Lock earrings$5

Charm Bracelet $5

Victorian Style Heart necklace $5

Necklace $5

Video Game:

Final Fantasy X $5

Thank you For the Jewelery if it seems too basic to buy for a high price go ahead and either recommend or offer a lower price, I'm not sure what to sell the jewelery for, no one I've asked has been of much help :(

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