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DS: h.NAOTO & BTSSB - Gothic Lolita and Punk Clothing

* I take Paypal, concealed cash (at your own risk), and checks (I will ship after they clear)
* I don’t charge paypal fees
* All prices in United States Dollars

* First Class Shipping Delivery Confirmation is free
* Express, Priority, and/or Insurance is full price
* International shipping by EMS w/insurance or Priority w/insurance (You pay full price)
* Sorry but I cannot write a lower price on the customs form
* If insurance is not purchased I can not be held responsible for lost, damage, or theft once I turn the package over to the postal service.
* I ship within 48 hours of receiving full payment.

Trades & Holds::
* I'm sorry but I can not accept trades right now
* I will hold items for up to a week. Longer than a week I will need a non-refundable deposit of $5 per item.

Feedback & Alternate contact info::
* DoA:
* eBay:
* LJ:
* Email: Manaa *at* mac *dot* com


Tee Shirt: $68
(I paid $95 before shopping fees & shipping)

Colour: Black
Quality: Brand New, Never Worn

Length of the clothes: 62cm
Body width: 94cm

Upper Detail - Middle Detail - Bottom Detail - Back - Print on the back, lightened to show detail


Sweatshirt: $125
(I paid $155 before shopping fees & shipping)

Colour: Black
Quality: Like New, Worn Once

Length of the clothes: 76cm
Sleeve length: 68cm
Body width: 66-99cm*
*It has ties on the side to tighten. Also, made of a stretch material.

Lacing Detail - Back - Back Detail


Tank Top: $45
Comes with straps to cris-cross on the bottom by the D loops

Colour: Black
Quality: Like New, Worn Once

Length of the clothes: 55cm
Body width: 78cm

Back - Back Detail - Strap Detail

Back Pack: $80

Colour: Black
Quality: Like New, Used Twice

Bag width: 38cm
Bag height: 26cm
Bag depth: 10cm
Strap length: 63-140cm

Front Detail - Open - Inside Detail - Back


Spider Skirt w/Bag: $130
Bag is detachable by the zipper.

Colour: Black
Quality: Used but in great condition.
I bought this skirt here a year or so ago. I dont remember if the first owner wore it much but I only wore it twice or so and it really doesn't show any signs of wear.

Size:: (Over Skirt)
Length: 39cm
Waist: 70-110cm (Adjustable)
Pocket Dimensions: 21cm by 21cm

Size:: (Skirt)
Waist: 64-104cm (Fully Elastic)
Length: 49-61cm (uneven hem)

Back - Front w/o Overskirt - Skirt Print - Overskirt - Overskirt with pouch lifted up - Pouch Unziped


Baby, the Stars Shine Bright::----------------

Cut Sew: $60

Colour: White
Quality: Used – There is a bit off “balling" of the fabric in the underarm due to the friction of wearing it. See photos for details.

Length of the clothes: 50cm
Sleeve length: 63cm
Bust: 86cm*
Waist: 80cm*
*The back is shirred and it is made of a very stretchy cutsew material so these are the minimum, laid flat, measurements.

Back - Underarm "Balling"


If you would like any other measurements, photos, or have any questions feel free to ask. I cannot provide pictures of some of the items being worn because they are too small for me or anyone in my family.

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