my_alice_fair (my_alice_fair) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Asian Ball-Jointed Doll FOR SALE! Doll in Mind

DIM SWEETS Choseol with eyes half closed...

She is 32cm tall Sweets doll from Doll in Mind. She is no longer available from the company.
I am her first owner, I've had her since early January.
She has a default face up and white skin No body blushing... She has no damage and is clean. She does have some visible seams if you look closely. I do not have the confidence or experience yet to try sanding her seams myself, if you can't either this is a common service from customizers. She is currently loosely strung.

Choseol will come with:
 blond crimped wig
 green eyes,
 night gown,
 pink dress set (dress, socks and shoes)
 two tiny toy dolls,
 a small clothes hanger,
 her original box,
 Pink protective blanket and two ribbons
 and certificate of authenticity.
 wood bed
tea set
Vintage blue dress
pet cat

PAYPAL PREFERRED, I do not charge paypal fees. Money order is ok, checks are NOT accepted. Cash is accepted at your own risk (PLEASE be sure to wrap it with lined paper or card! Or send in yellow envelope taped VERY well.)

 Shipping will cost extra outside the USA.
Shipping within the USA is included in listed prices. Shipping will be via USPS Priority mail, within the USA it should arrive in 3-4 days.

FEEDBACK: I have feedback on Den of Angels: HERE

DIM's original pricing was around:
Doll, wig and eyes, no face up: $328
+ face up: $50
+ outfit: $48... (they've removed the outfit, I am pretty sure it was $48)
(+ $53 s/h) Totals to ($479)
Again, she is no longer available on DIM, nor is her dress set, however you can still see her stock pictures on the DIM site.

So I'm asking: (includes shipping within the USA)
Starting bid: $490
BIN: $600

ok, I've found something for my friends B-day. Its on auction. So I need some quick cash. Soooo... For a limited time:

BONUS OPPORTUNITY: BIN is only $425 IF you can pay within the next *4* hours (ending at 4:30 PM July 8th my time (North Cali).
If this option is used, she will be in the mail tomorrow morning (july 9) via USPS Priority, and I will include her wood bed, tea set, extra vintage blue dress and cat.

I will stop taking bids on July 15th.
If a buyer chooses BIN paid in full, Bidding will automatically end.

More pictures to come.
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