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I'm trying to buy a gothic lolita dress so please help me out, all items include shipping:

Dir en grey-kisou- $10
(bootleg, but brand new and factory sealed)
Priest Vol. 12 $6
(brand new, selling for friend who accidentally bought the wrong volume)
Shounen Jump March 2005 $3.50
(new,flipped through once and sat on shelf)
Double Sided Tofu Records Full Metal Alchemist/ L'Arc en Ciel $2
(brand new, more than available)
Sorta Anime Merch. :
SpongeBob SquarePants Plushie Best Offer + 2.50 shipping
(great condtition)
Grr from Invader Zim shoelaces $3
(new without tags, bought them and were to short for my shoes)

Interest Info.
1. I can only accept well concealed cash at this time. >_<
2. All prices include shipping.
3. I can only ship to the U.S .
4. Prices are completely negotiable so don't be afraid to haggle. ^_^
5. Photos Upon request.
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