delirious_asian (delirious_asian) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Gazette [DISORDER] tour book $30
-box and cover damaged but inside pages are beautiful!
-i have the full set in my personal collection but I don't know if I want to let them go just yet :)

Due'le Quartz tour books ($30 each)
-rather large in size! broken old school cell phone as reference :)
-some of Miyavi/Miyabi's sexiest photos are found in here!

Shibuya-AX (blue) Tour Book

Kurt Thee Spider Effect Singles Set ($16 each)

Pink zebrise beauty
Blued eater
Aka sae hana kumo
Million black tarantura
Tree spider
Silver thorn spider

Pictures of the singles:

Kagrra, Mail in singles, 1000 limited (left)

徒然なるままに (つれづれなるままに) $25
神謌 (かみうた) $25
眩暈 (めまい) $25

Great condition, with lyric card and NO scuffs or scratches on CDs!

Kagrra, demotape + sticker (恋綴魂 (ことだま), 1000 limited) $30
Kagrra, one man (2001 o-west) distru CD $50

flyers, posters, more CDs and goods available about my journal!

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