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Very Random Assorted Sale!

Hello, hello~

Well, I've found myself in a bit of a situation. I've been very irresponsible and have been spending money without thinking of consequences and all that, and have now been forced to sell off some of my stuff to pay for my newfound cel addiction. -_- Unimpressive, I know. So here, my loss is your gain, I hope someone wants some of this stuff. ^^; I'm hoping to sell it off here so I'm not forced to go to eBay. I'd rather not pay fees to sell. ^^;

Pictures beneath the cut, as well as payment methods accepted. Advance apologies for the crappiness of my scans! I'll take better ones if anyone really wants them. ^^;


All R1 Releases

Saint Seiya vols 1+2

Like new condition, never watched, I bought these used off of eBay, there's no scratches on the disks, or anything. $8 each or $14 for both.
Image hosted by

Haibane Renmei vol 1

Watched once, disk has a few small scuffs, but still plays fine. Booklet has a tiny little rip, will scan it if desired. - $8
Image hosted by


Both of these are the Sonmay bootlegs.

Fushigi Yuugi Everlasting Story - Good condition, listened to once or twice. - $4

Weiß Kreuz - Schlag des Herzens - Good condition, case has a crack in it, and the CD shows some normal wear, but it plays fine and doesn't skip. - $5

Will give tracklists on request.
Image hosted by


All manga comes from a non-smoking home, and is in near-mint to perfect condition. I'm a collector, so I take good care of my books. All English releases.

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland - Tokyopop - $6
Demon Diary 1 - Tokyopop - $6
Knights of the Zodiac 6 - Viz - $6 (I just bought this today, by mistake! Absolutely brand new!)
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Yaoi Manga

All in Japanese

Angel Festa - Tenshisai by Yotsuya Simone, very little explicitness, but it looks like such an interesting plot! - $8
Image hosted by

Nudist by Kazuna Uchida, VERY explicit, hard yaoi. Lovely art, though. *_* Comes with a really nice postcard as a kind of furoku, I suppose. - $7
Image hosted by

Yaoi Doujinshi

King of Fighters - Heaven and Earth
Aya Shouoto
82pg - Drama, soft yaoi. Very plot based, looks like it's the first in a series, or something. The art is very pretty though, and I'll scan the inside on request. One corner is kind of dented, but otherwise, the book is in perfect condition. - $8
Image hosted by

Berserk - Sleepless Town
49pg - Humor, some drama, yaoi. This looks like more of a collection of humourous stories. There's one serious one in here, but the rest of it is very cartoony. Corners are a little bent up - $8
Image hosted by

I accept PayPal ONLY at this time. I've had too many occassions where people have sent me money orders I can't cash, so unless you're in Canada and can send me a domestic one, I'm afraid that's the only payment method I'll accept. Buyer pays shipping costs, determined by location, and will ship internationally. ^_^

Thanks for looking!

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