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Yaoi manga and doujinshi!

Hey, I've posted a few times before now, but never with this much yaoi doujinshi and manga! The prices are super low and I need to get rid of this stuff!! Make an offer if you need to!

Short list:
>Yaoi English Manga/novels
>Yaoi Japanese Manga (El Gatto Sul, Kizuna, misc.)
>Yaoi/Misc. Doujinshi (D Gray Man, Getbackers, Harry Potter, Hikaru no Go, Kyo Kara Maoh, HunterXHunter, One Piece, Naruto)
>Cute black and white Lolita style shoes
>Hello Kitty Pins and notebooks
>DS video game Contact
>Avatar: The Last Airbender rare figure
>Misc. anime items
>Tons of freebies!

>Shipping is not included, leave a comment to find out about how much it would be!
>Paypal is preferred, I might work with you otherwise.
>All things are in good/near perfect condition
>Leave a comment for more pictures/information on any items.

English yaoi:
>Love Training
>From Up Above
>Exorcisms and Pogo Sticks vol. 2
>Totally Captivated vol. 1

English yaoi novels:
>Only the Ring Finger Knows vol. 2 & 3
>The Man Who Doesn't Take Off His Clothes
>Ai no Kusabi vol. 1 Sold!

Asking price for all of the above: $4.00 each


>Il Gatto Sul vol. 1 (in Japanese) Asking $2.00
>Boys Jam (anthology, very big, recently released) Asking $8.00

Kizuna Bonds of Love vol. 9 (in Japanese) Asking $2.00 Sold!


D Gray Man doujinshi: Kanda/Allen, mostly novel. Asking $4.00

Getbackers doujinshi: Ban/Ginji, rated "R". Asking $4.00

Harry Potter: Harry/Sirius Asking $4.00 Sold!

Harry Potter: Harry/Sirius, super cute, smaller than the usual doujinshi. Asking $3.00 Sold!

Hikaru no Go: Akira/Hikaru, rated "R", fairly thick. Asking $7.00

HunterXHunter (I think...) rated "R", smaller than the usual doujinshi. Asking $3.00

Kyo Kara Maoh: Josak/Muraken, rated "R" Asking $7.00

One Piece Anthology: Various, very thick, rated "R" Asking $9.00

Naruto: Kakashi/Iruka, recently released, rated "R" Asking $9.00

Naruto: Sasuke/Sakura, about half the size of a regular doujinshi Asking $5.00


>Size 9
>"Brand" is Fashion Bug
These are in good shape with only a few scuff marks and dust. I know these are pretty heavy and that shipping will be a little more, so I'm letting them go for only $7.00

>Purple heavy duty keychain Asking $2.00
>Hello Kitty/Yaoi Pins Asking $1.00 each

>Small Hello Kitty notepads Asking $1.00 each

Nintendo DS video game: Contact. In perfect condition, all papers/guide included.Asking $10.00

Avatar: The Last Airbender Aang Figure. VERY RARE! Asking $7.00

Orochimaru figure (Naruto): Asking $2.00

Cafe Kichijyoji Pencil Board. Asking $4.00


Freebies!! Get it free with a purchase or pay for the shipping!

Manga Samplers:
>Del Rey 2006
>Sneak Peek 2007
>Netcomics 2007
>Netcomics 2006
>Tokyopop: Choose Your Weapon

Anime Sampers:
>Ultra Maniac (episodes 1-5)
>Fruits Basket (episodes 1-2)
>Flicker is warped (Warped Tour music CD)


For more pictures or questions, leave a comment!
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