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I'm trying to avoid ebay as much as possible so I'm offering things here.
I am in desperate need of cash ;_; so please help a poor student out!!

Some items have pics I found online of similar/same products - this is because my camera couldnt get a good shot, or I decided to sell the item after i lost my camera and couldnt get a picture of it.

These are fixed prices, but if anyone is willing to pay more for the item, I will offer it to that person.

I'd prefer all payments were made with Paypal but if you cant use paypal, then I'll accept cash in the post [at your own risk] in GBP/USD/Euro. NO COINS!

Feel free to ask questions about the items ^^;

J - RED ROOM album. OFFICIAL Japanese version. Opened but in MINT condition. £10

Shazna - Gold Sun and Silver Moon album. OFFICIAL Japanese version. Outer cd case has slight wear, and the first disc has light marks on it. The other 2 discs + booklet are in MINT condition. £10

Dir en grey - Kisou album. OFFICIAL japanese version. Opened but in MINT condition. £18

Gackt - Sekirei~seki ray~ single. OFFICIAL Japanese version. Case has a 2cm crack on it, but everything else is mint. £5
*pics here*

Faye Wong - It's My Style! album. OFFICIAL Chinese version. MINT condition. £18
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

VIRUS -Virus buster serge- Vol. 1-3 DVD box set MINT condition. Never watched them -_- £10

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Cosplay Girls: Japan's Live Animation Heroines Photobook. *info here* This copy is in GERMAN. [but like...you dont reallly need to read it -_-;] Very good condition £10.

Shoxx Vol. 134 [April 2004] magazine. "Dark" Psycho le Cemu [cover], Plastic Tree, FANATIC CRISIS, MUCC, Miyavi <3, Nightmare and more. £4

Cover - OK condition
Pages - Excellent condition apart from ONE page near the back which has a tear [it got caught in the scanner;__;] on the Kagrra, page.

Italian Manga - Inu Yasha, Gundam 0079 and Kappa Magazine. £10 for the lot.

Inu Yasha info can be found *here*
Gundam info can be found *here*
Kappa info can be found *here*

Videogame promo posters VG condition. £1 each
Manhunt - info
MTV Music Generator 3 - info
MAX PAYNE - info

Gothic Lenore Jacket (EGA-ish) *info here*
Still new and unworn. Its WAY too big for me. £30

Criminal damage hook jacket It looks like *this* but without sleeves.
Worn once. Like new.
Sz Medium
Chest 36"
Waist 32-34

New Rock 272 Boots *these ones*
I have had this pair for about 6 weeks now. They're still in VERY good condition. Theres just some light scuff marks on the toe.
Theyre a UK sz 9 [or whatever a Euro sz 42 is]

Pink sleeveless Cheongsam dress
Brand new
Tried on twice!
UK sz 16

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Slipknot boob tube
worn once
one size

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Long purple velvet gothic dress
Label: The Dark Angel
Worn twice. Like new condition
UK sz 14
I couldnt get a full pic of it without it looking gay, but the major detail to pay attn to is the pretty lace on the front. Its quite long - it ends abt 5 inches above my ankles [I'm 5'11 o-o;] and theres a side split on the left of the dress. I'll try and get a better picture of it soon [if anyone is interested in it]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sheer pink beady top
New with tags >__>;
Size small/medium
Bust 36" max
Waist + hips free size

Black halterneck top with pink ribbon I bought this in an attempt at being "cute" and loli-ish and whilst it did, I cant afford to keep it. Its been worn about 3 times.
It has a side zip fatening and pink ribbon thread through "belt loops" at the top.
UK Sz 12
Bust 36"
Waist 30"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Crushed "shell" colored sequin strappy top
I dont know how to describe the color very well e_e
I bought this thinking I'd look cool, but I didnt unfortunately. Its been worn once.
It has a rather loose fit and it says its a uk sz 12, but theres room for a bit more in there! I'm a 36" bust and 30" waist [ha, i've put on an inch -_-] and theres plenty of room in it.

Shipping for items depends on how much you buy/where you live.



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