Just a test. (onegai_sensei) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Just a test.

Alot of Manga for sale everything must go!

This time I have pictures ^_^ and resonable prices. Please look and buy!

All English Manga for Sale 6.49 each Shipping included in price for the US only. Outside of US Shipping is more. First come first serve
serious buyers only. Payments accepted: Paypal (sensei_x1999@yahoo.com) , cash, money order. (US dollars only). Questions email: sensei_x1999@yahoo.com
No haggling. Trades only accepted if books do not first sale. ^_^. I will offer free stuff or deals only for thsoe who buy more books.

Alice 19th 1-2
Between the Sheets
Bride of Deimos 1-7
Confidential Confessions 1-2
Couple 1-3
Cross 1-3
Darkside Blues
Decendents of Darkness 2
Demon Diary
DN Angel 1-2
Doll 2-3
Dragon Knights 1-17
Evils Return
Getbackers 1-3
Gravitation 10-11
Happy Hustle High
Hands OFF 1-2
Happy Mania 1-8
Hot Gimmick 7-8
Instant Teen Just add nuts
INVU 1-3
Legal Drug 1-2
Man of Many Faces 1-2
Mars 7-8
Mermaid Saga
Miracle Girls 1-6
Model 2
Onegai teacher 2
Paradise Kiss 1-5
Prince of Tennis
Princess Prince
Ragnarok 1-10
Revolutionary Girl Utena 1* 2-5 plus movie book
Samurai Deeper Kyo 2-6,8
Selfish Love (10.49 -yaoi)
Shirahime Syo ($13.49)
Tokyo Babylon 1-2
Under the Full Moon 2
Wish 1-3 4

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