lysalie28 (lysalie28) wrote in garagesalejapan,

For sale: $23 VK flyer lot

I'm selling the last of my VK flyers and stuff.  This lot includes:

Gab magazine June 2008, Rebels Style magazine June 2008, Vinyl Syndicate July 2008, girugamesh sticker, Ansinomy sticker, Sugar photocard, EAT YOU ALIVE photocard, Like absolute myself photocard, Kiteru Band photocard, PS Company pamphlet, the GazettE HERESY fanclub application form (not pictured), and 83 flyers.

Everything is excellent condition.  The lot is $23 including worldwide shipping from Japan.  I accept Paypal.  (The total will be $25 if you're paying by credit or debit card through Paypal.)


Please leave a comment with your email and payment method (Paypal credit/debit card or bank funds/balance) and I'll send you an invoice through Paypal.

I have positive feedback here:


I'm also offering a VK band shopping service for CDs/DVDs, concert tickets, tour goods, etc.  See details here:

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