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Some stuff for sale


I'm selling a few things:


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01. Knight Hunters (Weiss Kreuz) Volume 1-5 DVD Set
DVDs are in perfect condition. Only viewed a couple of times. $35 ($7 per dvd) (or best offer)

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02. Sailor Moon S The Movie: Uncut Special Edition DVD
Perfect Condition. Only watched twice. $7

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03. Ranma 1/2 ~ Ranma Forever Volume 1 ~ Initiation Nite DVD
Mint Condition. Watched a couple times. Plays perfectly. $5

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04. Yami no Matsuei Boxset (ALL episodes 1-13)
Yes, this is a bootleg, but it's just as good as the original! 2 DVD's are in perfect condition, plastic case cover is a little bent on the right side though. $15 (or best offer)

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05. Final Fantasy X DVD
Another bootleg. Mint condition. 2 DVDs of hours long of game cinema. It's pretty. $4 (or best offer)


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06. Demon Diary Graphic Novel Volume 1, 4, 5
Excellent Condition. Only read once. $7 per book.

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07. Gravitation Graphic Novel Volume 1
Perfect Condition. Never read. Never opened. $8


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08. Fool's Mate Magazine April 2005 (Cover artist: Kirito)
BRAND NEW CONDITION! Never opened, never read, sealed in plastic cover. $16.50 (or best offer)

Shipping will depend on where you live and such.
I ship out of US and I accept paypal, or US Cash as payment.
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