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Full Metal Alchemist slip-on shoes!! + manga mags

TUK Full Metal Alchemist slip ons. I've only briefly worn these twice so they are in very nice condition. They're a bit to big for me so I'm selling them. US mens 7, US womens 9. The embroidery is very nice and I've never seen another pair since I bought them. $20

Shojo Beat


August 2005, September 2005


April 2006, October 2006, November 2006


January 2007, February 2007, March 2007

May 2007, July 2007

Shonen Jump

September 2006, November 2006, March 2007

Any of these Magazines for $3 each^^

New Type USA. Comes with a DVD. I read one article and it has sat on my shelf since.

I have many more things at this sales journal, killika, so please check it out!!!

Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise stated.
All Prices in USD.
You can get insurance, just ask me. Although I've never had any problems with uninsured packages, I am not responsible if they get lost in the mail.

I accept Paypal. I will only take a money order if you have some sort of feedback. I've had bad experiences with people and money orders in the past, I'm sorry.

I have feedback on this sales journal here, on my personal journal, a_dropofcolour, and one on loligoth_dbs under my personal journal.

If you have any questions or want a shipping quote, please ask me and I'll be happy to answer.
Thanks for looking!

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