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I sell things! o___o

mostly jrock (magazines, CDs, posters, badges)... and random stuff! wahey :O

phone pics, so sorry :s
I can get better quality pictures/scans, but my phone is just easier... :x
buuutt ask for better pictures if you want! the colors didn't turn out too good huh T___T
oh and for some pictures I have my laruku poster behind the thing... it's kind of distracting right? sorry T3T; but the Laruku poster is NOT FOR SALE! nyaaa :P

one more thing! my descriptions suck XD so ignore them. unless they're actually useful O_o


Kyo laminated poster - A3 size
I forgot my paper sizes... but I think this is A3 size? (two A4 pages put together :x) - brand new! (still in plastic thing >_>) -

Miyavi laminated poster - A3 size
everything's the same as the Kyo one :x - brand new, A3 size, etc XD Doctor Miyavi <3

Miyavi laminated poster - A4 size
not as brand new as the other two, but still pretty new ^^

Toshiya laminated poster - A4 size
see above >>;

SHOXX Fanatic Crisis poster
brand new~

UV Kiyoharu poster
brand new~

SHOXX Psycho le Cemu poster
brand new~ (yay for copy+paste! :D)

ANIME - Sister Princess poster - Haruka
used! but still in good condition ^^

ANIME - Sister Princess poster - Iria (? >> too lazy to check)
no picture, sorry ;_; but if you want one just ask~ (...I'm too lazy right now :x)


Fools Mate - May '05 - Kiyoharu cover
featured bands/artists: Buck-Tick, Dir en Grey, Pierrot, Gazette, Miyavi, Moi dix Mois... "and Many More!!" also features Beauti-fool's Fest '04! Brand new.

UV - May '05 - MUCC cover PENDING
featured artists/bands: Kirito, Inoran, Orange Range, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, Buck-Tick, J, Merri, Gackt, etc.
also has a MUCC/Kirito pin-up! I don't really want to part with this ;___; MUCC *lovelove* sooooo I won't let it go for a very low price (and it's brand new anyway so :P)

Random other crap!

Gazette, Dir en Grey (Saku logo), random other cute badges.
do some people call these buttons? |:
anyway~ none have ever been used! They're all still in their cute little plastic thingies.
not in picture: black alicenine logo badge (same size as the gazette [the black and white one]) - I used this once. ;__; IM SO SORRYYY~~~~ *seppuku* ;O;

ask for better pictures and/or more details if interested~

also in the above picture: L'Arc~en~Ciel sticker sheet. :O

Luvie - Kuroneko
Still sealed, omfg! Luvie rocks, buy this CD. No seriously. :|

Hana Yori Dango notebooks
This is soo random. I never realised it was HYD until... very recently (I bought this in Korea two years ago). Anyway there's two of them. Blank pages (without lines). Never used.

Pucca notebook
XD it's shiny!! and still sealed. and it's shiny! *sunglasses* 8D

Sister princess pencilboard thing
the colors are actually a lot more... vibrant. I think this is the oldest thing I'm selling o___o

ok... technical stuff! :O

Suggest a price! BUT if you're really stuck I'll give you a range or suggest one for you :3
And please don't disappear randomly :S at least tell me that you no longer want whatever it is you wanted.

I accept Paypal, REGISTERED cash (USD or yen. or both..?), Paypal XDD
Shipping from Singapore! May take up to 2 weeks. To send via registered mail is $2 more. Batteries not included \m/.

buy my things!
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