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Saiyuki, Weiß, iPod, hide (X Japan)~

The rundown!

- iPod 1GB silver shuffle
- 6' Lifesize Gojyo Wallscroll (Saiyuki)
- 6' Lifesize Omi Poster (Weiß Kreuz)
- 6' Lifesize Ken Poster (Weiß Kreuz)
- Vols 1-4 of Saiyuki, Double Barrel collections, episodes 1-34
- hide (X Japan) Wallscroll

1. Silver 1GB iPod Shuffle. Comes with earphones and docking bay. Only used this maybe once or twice; I got a video iPod shortly thereafter. Didn't have it's box when I got it, so it won't be included. Asking $50. Since it's so small, shipping on this one is only $5 unless you specifically ask me not to insure it/add delivery confirmation.

2. 6' Lifesize Gojyo Wallscroll (Saiyuki). In perfect condition. Been hanging on my wall for a few months now, and I never really could get into the series. Gorgeous wallscroll, though. Asking $60.

3. 6' Lifesize Ken Poster (Weiß Kreuz). This poster does have some minor wear. Pinholes and some tape in certain parts of it, none too visible. Also seems to have had a bit of wax dribbled on the back at some point, though the paper is so thick (seriously, this is hardy stuff) that it has no effect on the front whatsoever. Asking $30.

4. 6' Lifesize Omi Poster (Weiß Kreuz). This one is more seriously damaged than the Ken poster. It has a tear down the top, though you can tape it from the back and make it mostly invisible. I didn't do this as I didn't want to botch up the job. :P It also has a bit torn out of it by his name, and like Ken, has various pinholes/tape bits from being displayed. Because of his damage, asking $20.

5. Volumes 1-4 of Saiyuki Double Barrel on DVD. This is episodes 1-34 on four volumes. Official releases. Asking $10 each or all four for $35.

6. hide (X Japan) Wallscroll. Friend snagged this for me in Japan. Smaller than a usual wallscroll; about the size of an anime poster. Has a bit of wax dribbled down the top corner, you can see the extent of the damage here. A good scrub should get it out without it being visible anymore. Asking $10.

I accept paypal, both for credit card and non-credit card accounts. Shipping will be via USPS and will cost $7 unless otherwise specified. This includes both insurance and delivery confirmation, which I automatically include in every item shipped.
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