CM (centimetre) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Just got back from Japan and spent like.... way, way too much. I'm trying to garage sale off some of the stuff I don't need to keep, in hopes of making up a little for airfare... :(

I'm selling some Naruto Doujinshi (a lot of NaruSasu, including stuff from 10-Rankai and KSL, as well as one SasuNaru), various artbooks (including Phoenix Wright and Blade of the Immortal), a couple of summer yukata, and some miscellany (including a Gurren Lagann clear file I bought at Animate). Everything is brand new!

Anyhow! I'd appreciate if you could check it out! Feel free to make me an offer on anything! Thanks :)

(Fake cut to the salepost...!)

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