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Dolls and CD boxsets for sale

I have several dolls and two CD boxsets for sale. Most of the dolls are Tokyo Mew Mew, and the CD boxsets are Ojamajo Doremi. None of the dolls have ever been removed from their boxes.

Tokyo Mew Mew dolls:
All dolls cost $25 each.

Ichigo Momomiya doll

Minto Aizawa doll

Retasu Midorikawa doll

Purin Fon doll

Zakuro Fujiwara doll

Mew Minto doll

Other dolls:

Full Moon wo Sagashite doll - $20

(If you're curious as to why this tiny doll is $20, it's because it was a limited-release item.)

Cardcaptor Sakura 2004 reissue doll - $30

CD boxsets:

Ojamajo Doremi # Memorial CD box - $50

Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n! Memorial CD box - $50

Both CD boxsets come with four disks.

I'm sorry that the pictures I've provided aren't very good. I took them in a rush. If you need better photos of something, feel free to ask.

If you're interested in anything, email me at, and I'll reply back ASAP. I only accept paypal, and will accept payments from buyers overseas.

Thank you~ :)
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