Brass Coin (brasscoin) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Brass Coin

Nintendo DS Games and 8GB Ipod Nano ALSO looking for Miyavi Tank!

I'm throwing this up before I go to work, so I'll be back about 10pm PST to check any comments.. and tomorrow (july 18) I'll get pictures of everything up :)

I'm wondering if anyone is interested in these ninendo ds titles?

Nintendogs: Dauchshund and Friends
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Pokemon Trozei
My Weightloss Coach

all are used. Nintendogs and MWC were purchased new. MWC also comes with a pedometer that works. All saved data (sans, trozei, I can't figure out how to delete my info..) has been erased, so its like getting them brand new ;)

Animal Crossing comes in a generic nintendo ds case with NO cover art or manual.

Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, and Trozie I'm thinking about letting go for $10 each without shipping.

My Weightloss Coach for $25 without shipping.

I'm also thinking about letting go of my 8GB turquose/blue Ipod nano.. its the new short and slim model... its just a little to tiny for my liking.. its perfectly fine. The back is kind of tarnished and smuged from bare fingures touching it. Hasn't been dropped at all.

the ipod would not be coming with anything like manuals, earphones, or such. Just the mp3 player itself (this is how I recieved it). It will be heavily padded to make sure it arrives safely when it is shipped though!

I'm unsure of what I would charge for it...

(and for anyone wondering, I can take paypal (perferred), Postal money orders, and Concealed cash (at your own risk!))

I'm also looking to buy a size LARGE or XL Miyavi tank top (black or pink is fine) from his This is the Japanese Kabuki Rock Tour. I would of pick myself up one or two at the concert I went to but didn't think about it and now I regret it ^^;

I'll pay up to $30 plus shipping for one!

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