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For Sale!!! ^___^

I have a few CDs and a DVD w/box for sale! I'm sorry, I don't have any pictures, but if you need any information about any of the items, please let me know and I will do my best to help. ^_^

Anime Soundtracks: These are both Domestic releases from Bandai.

Wolf's Rain - $7
Witch Hunter Robin - $7

DVD w/box

Witch Hunter Robin Vol. 1 DVD w/Box. This does not include all the extras that came with it when I got it. I didn't intend on selling the DVD at the time that I sold all the other stuff. ^_^; $20 or best offer. If you would like to purchase THIS and the SOUNDTRACK for the series, I'll charge $5 for the soundtrack instead of $7. Just let me know so I can adjust the amounts.

Jrock CD

Oblivion Dust - Radio Songs: Best of Oblivion Dust - $15 or best offer.

This is an Official Japanese CD. The case has a small crack on the front, but is in otherwise excellent condition. Includes obi and booklet, no scratches on the CD itself. If you need a track list, feel free to ask me.

Shipping - $3 for CDs. $5 for the DVD w/box.

Please help fund my trip to A-kon? ^__^

I accept and PREFER PayPal, but will also accept money orders (international postal money orders if you live outside of the US), and very well concealed cash at YOUR OWN risk.
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