I don't need instructions to know how to rock. (nachthymn) wrote in garagesalejapan,
I don't need instructions to know how to rock.

stuff for sale.

Stuff for immediately sale.

$4 GAB magazine Oct 2004 issue
33 pages
cover band: R.A.P
contains articles/interviews on Nightmare, Mucc, Jinkaku Radio, Imitation Pops Noiz, Porori,a nd Kiba (Gargoyle)
contains member sections with Lay (Fatima), Makoto (Doremidan), and more
sample 1
sample 2

$2 Marui one catalog
18 pages
features brands such as h.naoto, black peace now, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose, moi meme moitie, and more.
sample 1
sample 2

$35 Authentic H.naoto H.anarchy scarf
looks like this

$5 Hello Kitty sanrio earmuffs
looks like this

shipping for the magazines are $1 and $2.50 for the earmuffs and scarf.
reply if interested with your e-mail address and I'll contact you. :O
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