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I'm looking for some manga samplers I don't currently have.  I'm not sure what I don't have, so I'm going to list what I do have.  XD

So here's the manga samplers I do have:

2002 Tokyopop Manga Sampler
2005 Ice Kunion Sneak Peak Sampler
CMP Press 2004 Sampler
CMX Preview 2004
CMX Preview 2005
CMX Preview 2006   (have 1 extra)
CMX Preview 2007
CMX Summer Preview 2008   (have 1 extra)
Comics One Kung Fu Comic Sampler
Crayon Shinchan Free Special Preview Edition   (have 1 extra)
DMP 2004Death Note Manga Sneek Peek
Del Rey Manga Summer 2006 Previews
Del Rey Manga Summer 2007 Previews
Del Rey Manga Summer 2008 Sampler   (have 1 extra)
Discover Dark Horse 2008
Free Sampler from Del Rey Manga   (have 1 extra)
FullMetal Alchemist The Land of Sand Free Preview
FullMetal Alchemist Graphic Novel Preview
Naruto Special Sneek Peek   (have 1 extra)
Presenting the CMX 2007 Preview
Shojo Beat Manga Sampler 1   (have 1 extra)
Shojo Beat Manga Sampler 2   (have 2 extra)
Shojo Beat Manga Sampler 4
Shojo Your Mojo Sampler [Tokyopop]   (have 1 extra)
Shonen Jump Advanced Graphic Novels 1   (have 2 extra)
Shonen Jump Graphic Novels 2
Shonen Jump Graphic Novels 3   (have 2 extra)
Shonen Jump Graphic Novels 4   (have 1 extra)
Shonen Jump Manga + Advanced 2006   (have 1 extra)
Shonen Jump Special May 2008 Volume 1, Issue 1
Socrates in Love Free Preview
Summer 2004 ADV Manga Previews Book
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Special Sample Chapter Preview   (have 1 extra)
The World of Korea Comics :: 2004 Sampler MANHWA
Tokyopop 2003 Sneak Peek Sampler
Tokyopop Sneaks - Summer 2003   (have 1 extra)
Tokyopop Sneaks - Fall 2003
Tokyopop Sneaks Winter 2003
Tokyopop Sneaks 2004 Vol. 1
Tokyopop Sneaks 2004 Vol. 2   (have 1 extra)
Tokyopop Sneaks 2004 Vol. 3
Tokyopop Sneaks 2005 Vol. 1   (have 2 extra)
Tokyopop Sneaks Free Comic Book Day May 6, 2006
Ultra Maniac Sneak Peek   (have 1 extra)
Viz All-Ages Sneak Peek   (have 4 extra)
Viz Media Sneak Peek 2006   (have 2 extra)
Viz Media Sneak Peek 8
Viz Signature Sneak Peek 2006   (have 3 extra)
Viz Sneak Peak 1 Summer 2003   (have 1 extra)
Viz Sneak Peak 2 Spring 2004
Viz Sneak Peak 3 Summer 2004   (have 1 extra)
Viz Sneak Peak 4 Fall 2004
Viz Sneak Peak 5 Summer 2005   (have 2 extra)
Yen + [Plus] Vol 1 No 1 August 2008
Yen Press Fall 2007 Manga Teaser   (have 1 extra)

I would like to just pay shipping (prefer paypal) or trade my extras for what I am missing.  A picture would be great, so I can check to make sure it's not one I already have.  

Post here or email me at blu8e@yahoo.com with subject "Manga Samplers".


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