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Updates with new products & cut prices!

~ Payment can be sent by Paypal or money order
~ Will ship world-wide
~ Shipping is not included
~ Purchase is available to those who will pay highest, or the fastest
~ Please ask if you have ANY questions, I'm friendly! ^_^

Black Heaven: DVD's 1~3     $18
Good condition, some scratching on the plastic on the DVD cases

Night Walker: Eternal Darkness     $7
Good condition, a small indent in the plastic on the DVD case

Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might     $7
Good condition, tiny indent on the back of the plastic on the DVD's case

Dragon Ball Z: The Rebirth of Fusion! Goku and Vegeta (Movie 12)     $6
Great condition, no known defects
This video is in the original Japanese format

(Extra Photo)

A Chinese Ghost Story     $5
Good condition, but the case is a bit worn

Metropolis     $5
Good condition, but the case is a bit worn

Dragon Ball Z: The Greatest Dragon Ball Legend     $15
Good condition, the plastic case is a little scratched
This game is in the original Japanese format (although from what I remember there's no problem using it on any Playstation)

Dragon Warrior VII     $18 SOLD
Never been played, although there is a small crack on the back of the plastic case

Collectable Keychain: Kyo (Fruits Basket)     $2.50
Never been used

Pin: Trunks (Dragon Ball Z)     $1.50
Great condition, no problems!

Pin: Pan (Dragon Ball GT)     $1.50
Great condition, no problems!

Shikon no Tama Necklace (Inu Yasha)     $6

Great condition, no problems!

Shojo Beat: Exclusive Preview     $3
Great condition

Shojo Beat: August '05     $5
Great condition, very light crease on back cover

Shojo Beat: September '05     $5
Great condition

How to Draw Manga: Special Edition     $16
Great condition, light sticker residue on front cover

Manga Techniques: Character Design for Beginners     $8
Missing extra cover, the real cover has a stain and a rip in the back

Japanese Comickers     $18
Great condition
This book takes a look at many famous Japanese artists, and describes how they make their art step-by-step

(Extra Photo)

Demon Diary: Complete set!     $27
Good condition, some light damage on a few of the covers

Planet Ladder: Complete Set!     $30
Good condition, some damage on covers

InuYasha: Volumes 1~3     $15
Great condition

InuYasha: Volume 14     $4
Good condition, crease on back cover

Model: Volume 4     $4
Great condition

Tokyo Mew Mew: Volume 2     $4
Great condition

Tarot Cafe: Volumes 1&2     $8
Great condition

Thank you for looking!
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