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DS: Cute and Cheap clothes from Japan/Hong Kong~!

All of these items are new without tags. I bought most of them from Asia (Japan and Hong Kong) but there are a few miscellaneous items as well. Feel free to look ^^. if you're interested, please leave a comment or email me at ITS_ALWAIZ_BOR1N@YAHOO.COM .

Cute Creme Colored Cardigan from Harajuku, Japan.
$25 + shipping
Size: Freesize
I bought this cardigan from a boutique shop in Harajuku, Japan. It has never been worn before, and the brand is Regard Caressant.

Beaded Green Top from Hong Kong
$20 + Shipping
Size Medium
Bought this bead top from a department store in Hong Kong. The brand name is Kuhle. It's quite long, and very cute.

Weekend Workshop (Hong Kong Brand) Knit Striped Top
$20 + shipping
Size: Medium

This shirt is really unique. It is actually made from two different tops sewn together. I bought it in Hong Kong at a very unique/vintage store called Weekend Workshop.

closer picture to show the detail of this awesome shirt.

Color Eighteen Red Draped Top
$20 + Shipping
Size: XL (which is really very small and not large at ALL, trust me. I would say that it is a Medium size)

This shirt's brand, Color Eighteen, is also a part of Weekend Workshop, that's why the shirt itself looks very unique. It has a very large collar that can be draped in many different ways. It's a very flowy and beautiful shirt.

detailed shot ^

Super Cute Sheer Overall Skirt from Harajuku Boutique Shop
$25 + shipping
Size: Freesize

This overall skirt is great for layering, and perfect for summer~!! The material is very sheer and breathable and ruffles towards the bottom. Very chique!

The rest of the items are miscellaneous items I bought but never wore before. Brands include Baby Phat, Miss Me, and Urban Outfitters.

NWT AUTHENTIC Baby Phat Capris Jeans
$35 including shipping.
Waist Size: 5

I bought these jeans for $69 (not including tax) but they're a little too big for me. The color of the jeans is very bright blue and the text that runs down the left side is shiny silver.

Urban Outfitters Blue Lace Pattern Top
$15 + Shipping
Size: Medium

Never worn this before because the color just doesn't suit me. It's a very cute top though ^^!

NWT AUTHENTIC Miss Me White Cropped Pants
$30 + Shipping
Size: 5

Someone gave this to me as a gift, and I don't usually wear white pants so I decided to sell it. It's a very detailed pair of pants and has outstanding craftsmanship.

I accept paypal and concealed cash at the buyer's own risk. If paying by Paypal, please add a 4% fee along with the price of the item to cover the paypal fee. All prices are negotiable, so give me your best offer. I ship internationally as well.
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