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Girls in Uniform Sentai Figures!

Updated: 7/28/08 "X'ed" out the ones that have sold.

These are my extras of the Super Sentai Girls in Uniform series. These are only sold in Japan and were sold in “blind boxes” aka boxes where you don’t know which one you’re getting until you open the box. These are going on ebay tomorrow, but will remain here for today if anyone wants to trade or buy them. $10.00 each plus $5.50 for priority shipping. I will trade any of these figures for the Secret Jasmine from the Best of series (the one where she is holding her henshin device). These are all around 4 inches tall. Natsuki is a little smaller since she is kneeling. These are all still sealed. You have to open the plastic to put any removable parts like arms because they are wrapped separately. I have the following for sale:

From Series 1:  Kimera (I have two available)

From Series 2: Natsuki (BoukenYellow), Kirika (I have three available) , Radieta Fanbelt, Sara (YellowFlash) (have 2 available) , Urara (MagiBlue) (I have two available).

From Series 3: Ran (GekiYellow), Faracat (2 available), Miku (MegaPink), Misa, Coron

From Series 4: Yuuri (TimePink),  Megumi (BlueDolphin)

Go here for pics:

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