lol wat. (fufuberrysoda) wrote in garagesalejapan,
lol wat.

Selling the following:

- Megaman Legends 1 for PSOne. Black label. Asking $15.
- Megaman Legends 2 for PSOne. Black label. Asking $20.
- Brave Fencer Musashi for PSOne. Black label. Has the FFVIII demo in it. Asking $25.
- Tales of Phantasia for GBA. Cart only. Asking $13.
- Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice for DS. New and still sealed. Asking $25.

I also have one of those video-cartridges for GBA of Yugi-Oh! And a Castlevania GBA game that I really suck at, so I want to get rid of it. They're packed right now since I'm going to be moving, but if anyone's interested, I'll find out exactly which ones they are and give you a price for them.

I accept paypal (no e-checks) and well-concealed cash. Willing to haggle, especially if you're willing to take more than one off my hands. Seriously. I want these things gone.

Also. Still looking for a copy of the PSP version of Silent Hill 0rigins and Silent Hill Experience for PSP. Can pay via concealed cash or money order orz.
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