Sarit (suboshiyui) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hello minna!!

^^ Well, to help fund my trip to Acen, I'm selling off a bunch of stuff. Buy? Please? :P

They can be found here:

I'll be putting up some more stuff later today ^^;;

^^ If anyone wants something and there aren't any bids and it has a Buy It Now price, just leave a comment. I have no problem with closing the listing early if you don't have an ebay account ^^

And Shipping is free for all items :D

Some of the things up for sale:

Prince of Tennis DVDs
Prince of Tennis manga
D.N. Angel Manga
Prince of Tennis doujinshi
Rurouni Kenshin figurine
Project A-ko DVD Collection
Card Captor Sakura VHS tapes
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