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Stuff for Sale / Trade

Hi, I'm going through all of my belongings to find stuff to get rid of. Why? I'm going to college 10.5 hours away from my family's house, and need money and to not have so much stuff hanging around the place while I'm gone. I really need to get rid of all of it. Please MAKE OFFER. Also, I am still willing to trade so long as it is for something on my wishlist: http://mandy.digitdreams.com/lavender/want.html

I have pictures at my journal of this stuff: http://www.livejournal.com/~mirandatsukino2/

email: mirandatsukino.at.yahoo.com
aol aim: Love2000AMGlam

On to the list!

-Anne of Windy Poplars
-Chinese Cinderella (with metal bookmark)
-The First Four Years
-Little Town in the Ozarks
-Meet Addy
-Addy Learns a Lesson
-Happy Birthday Kirsten!
-Kirsten Saves the Day
-Shannon; A Chinatown Adventure
-Shannon; Lost and Found

Sold as set;
+Meet Felicity
+Felicity Learns a Lesson
+Felicity's Surprise
+Happy Birthday Felicity!
+Felicity Saves the Day
+Changes for Felicity

Sold as set;
+Meet Josefina
+Josefina Learns a Lesson
+Josefina's Surprise
+Happy Birthday Josefina!
+Josefina Saves The Day

-Tokyopop Sneaks graphic novel
-Sailor Moon #32
-Sailor Moon #33
-Gundam Wing #3
-Pokemon Comfort Inn Promo
-Disney's Pocahontas #1
-Donald Duck Adventures No.4 May (1988)
-Sailor Moon graphic novel #1

-Britney Spears, Baby One More Time cassette tape
-Britney Spears, Opps I Did It Again
-Various, A Tribute To Coldplay
-Jessica Simpson, Sweet Kisses

If no one wants these, then they are going to goodwill;
-STAMPERS cards Endangered Species and Movie Monsters
-Red "I Love Your Kisses" bear
-Pig bath scrubby buddy (new)
-Knitted Panda bear
-Beige cat
-Puppy (this belonged with a mother dog of some sort)

EDIT: I forgot to say that I can only accept payment through snail-mail. Which means I take cash, money orders, and checks. Please let me know which you want to use. Thanks! ~Mandy
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