Aubrey Starr (setzer024) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Aubrey Starr

I need to sell things.

1X Dancemania Speed G2 (make me an offer) (A dance music nonstop released by toshiba/emi, the speed series is the most popular, and speed G2 is a fairly recent album, and widely considered the best.)
1x IIDX Bible (Offer again) (limited print run magazine/region 2 dvd including tatsujin videos, a how to play IIDX and a TaQ [PV])
1x some funky construction based initial D parody where instead of race cars you fight machinery (PS2 game) (I have a scan of the jacket available on request. I have never seen another copy of this game and I spent 70 on it.) (50?)

I will post pictures of the things if needed.
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