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Haha I've recently got a button maker and thought about what a prime chance this was to make some money (after several friends voiced how they, themselves would love buttons haha) I actually got the maker to make buttons for myself but why not let other people get some and make some money while I'm at it.

Ryutaro/Plastic Tree buttons: set of 4

Each button is slightly bigger than a quater:

<~ Example (Sakito button not for sale)

(sorry for the crappy picture lol camera battery is dying)

If you are interested please leave a comment. This one will be like an auction deal, highest bidder wins type thing haha. Shipping in the states is 2 dollars. "Bidding" ends on thursday ^^

And if you have requests for buttons please email me at bouncyizam@hotmail.com with the pictures and I'll see if I can make them for you. Right now I just ordered more refills (ran out) and I'm ordering more ink for my printer so please allow me some time to get money and order them probably before the month ends I'll be filling requests ^^ thanks.
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