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Selling some random anime and jrock stuff because I have very little money for A-kon. T___T So please buy! The prices I list are just what I would prefer to get, but feel free to make reasonable offers if you want to. Click on links to view pictures. ^_^

CDs - Shipping $3

Wolf's Rain Soundtrack (Bandai, USA Release) - $6
Witch Hunter Robin Soundtrack (Bandai, USA Release) - $6
S - Yojigen Zukan (Japan Release, ZPCA-1003, 10 Tracks) - $15
Oblivion Dust - Radio Songs: Best of Oblivion Dust(Japan Release, CTRC-17070) - $15

Anime - Region 1 Releases

Witch Hunter Robin DVD Vol. 1 w/box $20 This does not include all the goodies that originally came with this release. I wasn't originally planning on selling the DVD and box so I sold the other items instead. If you would like the above soundtrack as well, I will take a couple dollars off the price. ^__^ Shipping $5

Saint Tail Vol. 1 DVD $6 Includes first 3 episodes. Only watched once. Shipping $3

Dir en Grey 2005 Calendar Pages - Shipping $4 in a tube These are poster-sized pages and are in great condition.

Cover (has no pictures of the band. Therefore, I won't ask as much for it. XD) $4



Payment Details

I accept and PREFER PayPal, but will also accept money orders (International Postal if you live outside the United States, shipping will also be slightly higher) and Very Well Concealed Cash If you choose to send cash, I will not be held responsible for the cash or sending the item to you if payment was never received. So make sure you do your best to be safe about that. XD That way it works out for both of us!

Thank you so much and Pleeeease buy. I'm borderline desperate for A-kon money. T___T And remember, I'm open for reasonable offers on all items!
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